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JDP is one part of a fantastic network of teams that help each other function and grow. Our e-commerce operations now span two decades. Additionally, we have over 15 active years of international (parallel) trade under our belt. Our support network has pedigree. From dedicated accounts and (often) active positions in company's we contract to, we've got the right assets. For the best outcome call us

What We Do

We initially developed as a shipping and trade operation within Europe. JDP has since moved into e-commerce, media, and commercial real estate as core parts of our business. We are extremely proud that we operate in such diverse markets with, we believe, significant future prospects. Let us help. Get in touch today >

Shipping is where JDP really started. Understanding how to move 1000's of new vehicles from port to port, the risk points at transhipment and the many variables that could prove a trade costly is our core strength. No port operates the same way nationally or internationally, and many make different demands on the same cargo. JDP has successfully shipped into most ports worldwide and maintained a zero loss rate. Lloyd's insurance on all cargo, even at times of war means, our standards have never been compromised.

JDP began exporting in 2000. It was the first activity of the company. A weak Euro and a correspondingly strong Pound (sterling) created the perfect environment for parallel trade. Our initial trade put 100,000's of new cars into the UK market, disrupting the 'main agent club' of high prices. In most cases this trade has a very positive effect for the consumer, challenging prices set in national markets. This same currency environment enables pharmaceutical exports and a range of important consumer products to occur too.

The web development history that JDP experienced had a chequered start. We successfully pushed a concept to seed funding in 1999, based on a reverse auction (now dormant). The experience gave us early exposure to the web development landscape at the time. From negotiating in front of top media lawyers 'Harbottle and Lewis' to presenting for funding at Fujitsu Seimens the lessons learned were valuable. It also revealed the complexity of web development in an environment that was yet to fully develop. In terms of web development we have relied heavily on key personnel and our businesses have followed their own fantastic progress.

JDP has worked with many banks in order to fully scale opportunities in business. We recognise a strong banking relationship means growth. We have witnessed the developing banking environment in the Middle East and the increasing discipline in European national bank operations, as countries have sought to join the Union. All positive changes that have allowed us to scale in trade operations and our investments into commercial and residential properties in emerging markets. JDP is able to assist in access to bank networks and project finance in many cases.

Merchant services has been a long and often difficult area for our e- commerce operations. The obvious risk of fraud in an environment where technology can become obsolete so fast has often meant many providers remain conservative. In our early days of operating, we had to seek out innovators and companies that made genuine efforts to understand what we were trying to achieve. Thankfully this key area of ecommerce is catching up. Emerging markets keen to push into the processing environment have filled the gap. Get in touch today if you want further information on the services we can assist you with here.

JDP has some fantastic and personable accountants to hand. These have always been local to the markets we are in so that there is a clear understanding of our obligations on the ground and a genuine local knowledge of business trends and developments. From the options available in trading to us, or the presentation of accounts for leverage (that enhances our growth), and the need for dedicated specialists to understand the e- commerce environment lightening fast, we believe we have the perfect network. Feel free to call us for more information today.

Innovation is something we seek out at JDP. This means regularly re examining our current businesses and challenging their models. We have a policy to develop for the customer experience and this is implemented from our call centre teams, to our designers, to our marketing departments and beyond. Apps are under development and tested on a regular basis to push the boundaries in E health but our exposure to innovation does not stop there. We are investors too. We seek out companies that will add value to the consumer experience, globally. We want to help you. Get in touch today and let us collaborate.

Meet the Team Directors

The team influences all of our operations. You can get to know a little bit about them here. Areas of business they over see are identified, allowing you to get to the most relevant contact fast. Beyond the team heads, and more important, are the teams themselves. Entrepreneurialism and adaptability are our key assets.

Heads Operations
Things I Cover
Heads Media
Things I Cover
Head of Process
Things I Cover
Head of IT & Tech
Things I Cover
Heads Customer Care & Accounts
Things I Cover
Head of Operations

I can help you with :

  • Compliance Issues
  • Funding
  • All General Queries

I'd love to hear about :

  • Improvements & upgrades
  • Your Start Up
  • New/Better Methods
  • Collaboration
Please email me now on:
3 Things I love:
Chocolate, Gozo
& Modern Meadow Inc.
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Head of Media

I can help you with :

  • SEO, Copy & Brand Management
  • All Marketing/Press Enquiries
  • Content & Social Media

I'd love to hear about :

  • New SEO Techniques
  • Offline Marketing Ideas
  • Better Brand Positioning
  • Collaboration
Please email me now on:
3 Things I love:
My Horses, Affiliate Marketing
& A Good Pub Lunch.
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Head of Process

I can help you with :

  • Ukmedix Market Research
  • Order processing (Trade & Rtl)
  • Tracking & Bills of lading

I'd love to hear about :

  • NHS Accounts
  • Pharmacy Law
  • Delivery Solutions
  • Collaboration
Please email me now on:
3 Things I love:
Family, Classic Cars
& Crowd Funding.
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Head of IT & Tech

I can help you with :

  • All technical issues
  • Trade & Retail integration
  • Data protection & analysis

I'd love to hear about :

  • Developments in Mobile
  • Platform efficiencies
  • Technical edits
  • Collaboration
Please email me now on:
3 Things I love:
Windsurfing, Family
& an early morning SUP.
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Heads Customer Care & Accounts

I can help you with :

  • Customer support (all sectors)
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • JDP Investment Research

I'd love to hear about :

  • Your user experience
  • Ways we can improve
  • Research in tech
  • Collaboration
Please email me now on:
3 Things I love:
Travelling, tennis, animals
& fireflyinternational.org.
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More than just a single team

Let's Work Together

Suggest improvements to any one of our projects, pitch brand new ideas you know we need, let us fund you from concept to something tangible. Tell us we need you on the team here.

Tel +44 (0) 207 754 0328
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our Reach

JDP has an international presence. We truly have a global outlook. We can access highly skilled professionals in most parts of the world, fast. This international exposure makes us absolutely unique. The diversity our team experiences and embraces, makes us a better performer. From logistics to technology - We think big >>>

JDP Limited
No.2, 186 Sloane Street,
London, SW1X 9QR
Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00

Tel +44 (0) 207 754 0328
JDP DWC LLC Part of JDP Limited
Office 508, The Fairmont Dubai,
PO Box 119748, UAE
Sunday-Thursday 08:30-17:30

Tel +971 (0) 4 311 6816
Fax +971 (0) 4 332 8810
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A dynamic and truly motivated team. Highly connected and at the forefront of internet marketing.    >>

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Remax Dubai are a perfect operation for all things residential property. They have protocols based on international standards and can link in to a global database giving a client maximum exposure.    >>

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Advanced banking and UAE born. Fantastic support for small business and excellent internet banking suite means that you are operational from anywhere in the world. We like ENBD a lot.    >>

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